Causes Of Concussions In Sports

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Concussion is a serious health danger that is taking the world by storm, but why hasn’t the number of cases decrease during the technology boom? It’s not that we are oblivious to the causes of these traumatic head injuries. Many Americans are well-aware of the phenomena, that is shaping up and questioning the consequence of joining a competitive sport. A concussion is the most common Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI).
A concussion can happen when the head or body is moved back and forth quickly, such as during a motor vehicle accident or sports injury. Concussions are often called "mild TBI" because they are usually not life-threatening. However, they still can cause serious problems, and research suggests that repeated concussions can be particularly
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As Americans, we love a physical and entertaining game. But the fact is that injuries are so common during a game, even routinely. It sad to see how these football players are after their career. Some can barely walk, and other have permanent head injuries or CTE. Football is a fun sport to watch, but it should not be treated like a gladiator scene. It is real people and their bodies in line. Like football, professional wrestlers are amongst the next group of athletes who should be brought to life. These wrestlers put their lives and health to entertain fans and make a living for themselves.
Sports is a way which we can connect and enjoy. As much as I love it, it is a shame that health issues are such a big contributor to these athletes who are people and have families to provide. All athletes, whether young or professional should be protected. I know players have unions, but it is not enough. Administrators must step up and help. No one should endure a concussion or potential life-threatening injuries. To conclude, I would like to challenge and encourage administrators to make a difference and inform athletes and their parents about the potential

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