Essay on The Life Of Robert Scott Walks Into His English Class

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Dripping water, from the rain outside, Robert Scott walks into his English class. Scott stood at a staggering 6’3, easily much taller than some of his classmates. His skin is comparable to caramel, he has beard which was scruffy, similar to the rest of the facial hair on his face. He stands there, proudly wearing a stained, white American Eagle hat, with a pin on the left brim, which read “Pleasant Lake year”. He’s wearing a predominantly teal shirt with a tribal like design going across the middle, and on the right side of the shirt it was a pocket, which looks like it was there for design, since the silk like texture of the shirt wouldn’t let the pocket hold anything heavy. His khaki pants fell just short off his waist, but as he pulled them up the bottom of the pants would rise above his ankle, luckily his socks covered his ankles completely. His Sport Blue Jordan 3’s, blended in well with the rest of his outfit, making him look stylish. He is feeling anxious, because Professor Greene told the class they would have to interview a classmate. The classroom is near empty and all the students are either on their phones, or whispering to their neighbor trying to make a new friend. Scott began walking to his desk, you can hear a tiny squeak that happened with every step. Before he sat down he took off his bag and takes a look around the classroom, and realizes Professor Greene isn’t here.
He takes a seat, with his legs hanging off the side into the row, because…

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