The Key Brand Of Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton

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Most of people know the brand called Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, but most of them don’t know Maison Martin Margiela. This brand is a designer brand, which means its name also that of the designer himself. However, the creative director is John Galliano and this ad was his first collection for Haute Couture. People talk much about: “Can John do this job? This image is the last look on his show, which people got deep impression on that. Therefore, it is significant ad for this whole brand. We must see the spirits, values, future of Margiela.

The key spirit of Margiela is anonymity. From the first sight, you might think it is a mannequin wears a creep mask and crown. She is standing on a broken mirror dresses a red and long evening dress.
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He also taught by Jean Paul Gaultier. Second, the brand value shows from the quality of clothes, it has the classical items with high reputation. And according to Another magazine, until, in 2016, the Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal collection was born. At that point, the design team travelled the world in search of antique pieces from the 1800s to the present-from Edwardian lace to original Bauhaus desing at their fingertips transformed them into something else, all by hand. That tells the remarkable of this red evening dress. Combining with the designers and brand value, result in the third advertisement value unselfconsciously. Some of people are familiar with Margiela, they will exactly know such advertisement carry on the spirit and earnest of Margiela. As for another people who do not know Margiela at all or just a little. There no need to worry about, because of the strong vision from advertisement probably could shock the audiences. Moreover, you can feel “for us, the passion is the creation.”- Margirla(2012, pp. …show more content…
Consequently, its target customers maybe the fashion chasers, jewelry collectors, furniture lovers, perfume fans and so on. To be more specific, this advertisement’s target customers maybe more like young designers who admire Margiela long time and the fashion participator, for example: editors, buyers, management, PR and etc. Due to this collection line is Houte Courte, it were not the basic or commercial clothes to actually buy it, we should from the art version to appreciate the beauty of this advertisement. Even it not accessible to purchase, however, there are many lines with available prices. Sarah Mower(2015, Margie, Mon Amour)wrote that she was almost completely Margiela dependent from the late’90s to 2008, she lived in her amassed Margiela wardrobe almost every day and every evening I had to go out.

All in all, this advertisement means a lot to me, this collection made by John Galliano, one of my favourite designers. Alexandra Shulman(2015, Maison Martin Margiela) committed: “He is unquestionably one of the most imaginative designers of his age and he has done all he can to pay his dues.” Such a talented designers give his first artisanal collection to Margiela, how could u not be

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