Essay on The Issue Of Gun Violence

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Today in America, there is a rise of preventable crimes involving guns. This problem has been going on for years. The American people are now bringing much needed attention to gun violence. Yearly, more than ten thousand Americans die from gun related instances. America has a substantial gun violence problem that can and will be fixed with improved and stricter gun . This will help make society safer for everyone. The United States has around two hundred and eighty-three million guns in civilian hands (“USA Gun Violence Statistics” 1). Every year, about four million firearms, of which two million are handguns, are being sold. In The President’s plan to protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence, it stated that military Grade Weapons are being sold each day to untrained civilians. It also stated, “A 2010 survey by the Police Executive Research Forum found that more than one-third of police departments reported an increase in criminals’ use of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines since the prohibition on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons expired in 2004” (“White House” 5). In 2009, only thirty-three percent of American households had a gun, but that number has grown ever since (“USA Gun Violence Statistics” 1). The average gun owner has around four to six guns. Half of these firearms are found on the streets and used in crimes. There are about thirty thousand people killed by guns every year in the United States. This…

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