The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Gun control has been an issue that is discussed in schools, political debates and is always a basis for anyone running for the presidential office. Should teachers and faculty be allowed to carry firearms in schools to protect the students? There are always two sides to the issue. Digging deeper on both sides of the issue and to find good clear reasoning is important in order to decide what is right, not just to agree with a political parties opinion. I plan on setting my own views aside on this as well sense I have a strong notion towards pro guns in the school. Firearms in the schools bring up large debates among many people. First side of this debate is pro firearms. Take a look at it this way, for the most part anyone can get a firearm anywhere, whether it be from home, someone off the street, a pawn shop and so on. Then you apply school bullying in the school and in today’s cyber world you can unfortunately end up with an extreme hostile situation and or active shooters in the school. Placing police officers that are trained to deal with situations such as this, but the down side is normally officers are sparse on the school grounds and cannot be everywhere all the time. So now add a teacher in the classroom with a firearm. If a teacher is given the proper training, and also given physiological evaluations on a multiple time setting throughout the year and be cleared then they should be allowed to carry. Placing a teacher in the classroom that is now trained and…

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