The Issue Of Gun Control Violence Essay

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Gun control violence is the hottest controversial issue in the Unites States alone, especially with so many massive shooting of helplessness people being killed. The worse is that these heartless individuals are not being protected enough from these criminals. Also, if such a persons who can prevent crimes through using personal firearms and legally from not having them, they would be less killing more likely a lot of these innocent civilians be alive at this present time. At the same rate, in gun - control laws there are not enough such law-abiding citizens of non-violence in our society. Also, there’s any prediction on preventing any tragedies – unexpected of an armed person being nearby. Although, there 's been multiple tragedies ‘’like for instance’ ‘at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown of innocent children were killed during school session, to the Colorado movies theater in July 2012. One of the worst killing of all, and not to mention this recent year in Orlando Florida at a Gay nightclub shooting that took 49 innocent lives taken and 53 hospitalize in a terrorist attack of a hate crime without any security alert. In fact, the United States was also having guns and drug sales along the side of our common borders in the era of globalization as well, it’s been out of control with firearms and narcotics outlets in the U.S. Mexican borders and our international waters, which took thousands of deaths of illegal trafficking yearly. Many aspects of…

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