Issues Against Gun Control

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Surrounding the control of gun owners. Granting to an author, gun control has been an issue since at least 1934 when Congress legislated a law restricting machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. An Author points out that after the assassinations of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, a law was passed that banned the importation of inexpensive handguns called "Saturday Night Specials;" in 1993, the Brady Bill was passed, which required background checks for handgun purchases; and a 1994 law banned the sale of semiautomatic assault guns. (Patricia and Brooke 115).
Since 1994, there has been very little gun control legislation. An author cites several incidents that produced gun control debate, but no legislation:
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It is tough to understand the middle background, as it is hard to read, “I want to guns to be banished, but I don’t want our club to be defenseless”, or, “I don’t want guns to be kept in line, but I want gun violence to end”. This issue is so controversial, as it really is so hard to determine what the best plan of action is. Merely, a solution must be found. With recent events such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Aurora Movie Theater shooting, Chardon High School shooting, it is tough to not view gun control as a very important issue that must be answered. Our safety as a nation needs to be revived, as people should not dread going to the movies, school, malls, etc. We need to view gun control, however, the way we find to be most effective, as a priority, and as something that needs to be settled shortly! Heavy weapons are way too easy to acquire in America. People expecting to purchase a gun should have to get through tests and receive the necessary training they need to hold the gun on them or to even hold. Shooters that have easy to acquire just ended up landing in the hands of felons or people who don 't know how to properly utilize a gun or people with mental problems/disabilities that shouldn 't even own a heavy weapon. Thus, since we’ve discussed those in favor of gun control, it’s time to shift gears and concentrate on those who are against gun control. (Chris …show more content…
“Gun control doesn’t protect people from violent criminal offense, it increases it. Every area where gun control is high, there is a higher instance of gun violence and crime in general. In areas where there are less restrictive gun laws, you’ll see lower instances of crime and mob violence.” (Skeptical Eye). Many people act not like the thought of having their right to possess a weapon taken off. They think that they possess the right to oppose themselves and that that is stated in the Constitution. Would controlling guns be unconstitutional? Would it reach our country less or more secure? That support gun control debate that there need to be stricter laws and rules on who and why somebody should own a gas pedal. “Many people that are for gun control laws believe that acquiring a gun is too soft. Individuals with misdemeanor criminal convictions, DUI offenses, past domestic abuse restraining orders, and accounts of voluntary commitment to psychiatric institutions can and do obtain permits legally” (The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence). (Kopel

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