The Internet Of Online Media Essay

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IMAGES are now one of the key enablers of users connectivity. Sharing takes place both among previously established groups of known people or social circles (e. g., Google+, Flickr or Picasa), and also increasingly with people outside the users social circles, for purposes of social discovery-to help them identify new peers and learn about peers interests and social surroundings. However, semantically rich images may reveal content sensitive information Consider a photo of a students 2012 graduationceremony, for example. It could be shared within a Google+ circle or Flickr group, but may unnecessarily expose the studentsBApos familymembers and other friends. Sharing images within online content sharing sites,therefore,may quickly leadto unwanted disclosure and privacy violations [3], [24]. Further, the persistent nature of online media makes it possible for other users to collect rich aggregated information about the owner of the published content and the subjects in the published content [3], [20], [24]. The aggregated information can result in unexpected exposure

of one’s social environment and lead to abuse of one’s personal information. Most content sharing

websites allow users to enter their privacy preferences. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that users struggle to set up and maintain such privacy settings [1], [11], [22], [33]. One of the main reasons provided is that given the amount of shared information this process can be tedious and error-prone.…

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