E Marketing Case Study

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E marketing is the process of advertising products and services by use of internet. The developments in the field of technology have played a big role in making e marketing possible and more importantly efficient. There are dramatic changes particularly in the way entrepreneurs communicate with their customers. Use of interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, and website has facilitated this effective communication in the process of marketing.
Businesses have flourished because of internet marketing since there are fundamental ways in which marketing has changed. The difficulty of communication, failing to reach potential customers, costs of advertising, is some of the challenges that the entrepreneurs were experiencing
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Almost everyone can afford to start a business right from their home and be able to reach out customers from far parts. It also helps even small businesses to compete with well-established businesses as they can afford to reach out their potential customers and market themselves.
E marketing has also affected hotel industry as many services such as bookings done online. This has improved the way this industry operates and helps both customers and service providers to save time.
Business models are important as they help businesses to plan for future development. There are number of business models, which include; bricks and clicks business model, collective business model, and franchise model among others. A hotel can have more than one model due to the diversity of their services they offer.
Search market is a way of internet marketing involving promoting websites by increasing visibility through paid advertising. Local search aimed at finding something within a specific geographical area. Over the past few years, local search has been popular among people with the use of smart phones, tablets, and computers evident. They use these devices to search businesses within their proximity, goods, and services they
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The dramatic changes are in the communication employed in the process of marketing where use of interactive media is popular. This media allows communication on a two way instead of one-way kind of communication. Internet marketing plays an important role in any business’s multi-channel strategy. The use of internet to deliver business’ promotional marketing messages to consumers is evident. It includes email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, different types of display advertising including web banner, and mobile advertising (Klein et al, 34). Through internet marketing it is possible to access potential customers, it is estimated that a couple of billion people worldwide use the internet (Hanson et al, 46). Through internet, marketing businesses are able to available day and night, which means more sales thus increasing profits. Saving time and effort to both business people and customers is a fundamental change in which internet marketing differs from traditional types of

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