Essay About Working To The Future

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Working towards the Future
“Congratulations you’ve got the job!” These words are what many people yearn to hear. A job is very important to anyone with the need for money. College students are among many that are in dire need of money. College students encounter an extreme amount of tuition and fees during their college journey. A majority of college students are bombarded with the burden to work in order to pay for college. A job is vital towards maintaining a steady lifestyle, while attending school. Some college students have not vexed the idea of getting a job, because their education is being paid for by a source that is unstinting. Students who work to pay for college and students who don’t differ; when it comes to appreciating just how important a college education is.
Work is a fundamental part of life for many college students (Perna 23-25). A majority of college students are not only employed but also working a sizable amount of hours. Numerous students work a large amount of hours while attending school full-time. Working a lot causes students to get behind on studies, and loose concentration. Education is the most important thing any young adult could pursue. Many young adults choose to pursue college. Sadly, some are left with no choice when it comes to working. Although students shouldn’t work more than
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A limited amount of students are provided with the opportunity to enjoy college and focus on studies. Parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles are known to be some of the major contributors when it comes to financing a college education. What a privilege it must be for students to have no unease towards how their tuition will be paid for. However, many privileged students do not realize the value of a college education. By not working towards financing a college education; students go on in the future expecting things to be given instead of

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