The Importance Of Planning A Career

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Planning a career takes time. With consistent planning, research and blending of the various P’s of marketing, an individual can form a brand. A brand which, if marketed effectively, would become a purple cow among other job seekers. Since marketing strategies stand as one of the backbones for many successful organizations, it can equally be used as a tool to sharpen previous accomplishments that may not be sufficient on its own. Therefore, without product improvement and the craft of brand development, marketing serves no purpose but rather cost. A cost, in this case, a potential job. The point is, no matter how great a recent graduate’s GPA is or how much relevant work experience one may have, aggressive, but targeted marketing needs to be …show more content…
As I learned in class, great products sometimes do not succeed as a result of ineffective marketing strategies such as timing or inadequate market testing. Marketing outlines the distinctive features (GPA, attention to detail, communication skills, etc.) and benefits (experience) to develop and (re) introduce a career plan (the brand) to the consumers (employers). It is through marketing that these features are communicated to the appropriate audience. In today’s very competitive job market, the most effective marketing approach job-seekers like I use are those which companies are using to successfully sell their products and attain a sizeable market share. I always thought of marketing as sales. A misconception that has been proven to be false by this class. Although sales is, nonetheless, a small part of marketing, “selling” myself on the job market is unquestionably a significant tool in job-hunting. While I see myself as the product, I can use many other marketing principles beyond sales to land the job I deserve as a marketing database manager. Hence, a strategic marketing plan will help optimize my job hunt. This …show more content…
As the product, emphasis on the characteristics, features, and skills that set me apart from others in the eyes of employers are crucial. These features may include education and training, relevant work experience and demonstrated leadership qualities. These characteristics, although not all, will prove how attractive a product I am and how I will be the solution to the reason for the job vacancy. An example of what could make me more marketable is creating an elevator speech. However, no matter how salable it seems, some employers may still not recognize and value the above transferable skills unless I properly place myself on the job market. Just as how positioning is vital in the sales of a commercial product in retail, it is here too. Therefore, it helps to develop a perception in the eyes of employers. To do this, I will find, select and effectively communicate possible competitive advantages I have through promotion. Promoting, could be one of the most essential pieces of my marketing mix. This is because it involves communicating with prospective employers either through cover letters, resumes, and interviewing. Therefore, it is what drives the employer to schedule a job interview as well as enable me to get a job offer. So, relevant practicing time is vital to improve this step through career resources to develop solid resumes, cover letters

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