College Admissions Essay: I Want To Go To College

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I’ve always known I was going to go to college. It seemed that the fact that my mother hadn’t even graduated high school, much less college, made my future plans inevitable – I needed to attend college. With both of my parents degree-less, I have been left to pursue whatever type of career I wished, as long as I did pursue a career. To some people, that may be empowering. However, it made me clueless. For a long period of time, I resented my parents for it – while others had small pushes from their guardians over what they believe their child should or should not be doing at whatever point in their lives, I was left in the dark to find that light on my own. To put it simply, I was jealous of the other kids and their parent’s experiences. However, …show more content…
Before, I had only looked at the college itself – the campus, food, social life, etc. Now, I had a goal to find the best physics colleges in Georgia. Luckily, my standards lined up with my first choice – the University of Georgia. I applied for early admission and two months later received a letter of acceptance. I was ecstatic, to say the least. With my acceptance into the 2016 fall semester, I have plans to earn a Bachelor’s degree in physics. I have a large amount of college credits already, thanks to my high school’s dual enrollment program, which will hopefully allow me to begin classes toward my major much more quickly. I have a strong belief that college will push me into whatever field is truly right for me. Whatever this field is, I hope to be able to do research to discover more about our world and be able to improve upon it. While in college, I also hope to start internships and research with the college and its …show more content…
I’ve attended multiple leadership conferences and grown from a timid 9th grader to a confident and outgoing young adult. I have begun to take charge of not only my life but my involvement in the community. Rather than simply attending events, I am now planning them myself from start to finish. In my local Anchor Club, I was given the opportunity to turn an idea into reality. We created a new annual event to honor caregivers. The event is entirely student-driven, with leadership from myself and others. I personally took charge of the event this year, beginning with fundraisers and advertisements and ending with the program itself – catering, decorating, location, and much more. My leadership has truly been taken to the next level from my high school experience.
I hope to continue my community involvement in college. I plan to find and create many more opportunities in the Athens community to further improve my leadership abilities and challenge myself. I also wish to use my involvement in the community to bring myself closer to the goal of improving the world around us, through small steps, working toward greater possibilities. This combined with my college research is sure to bring me one step closer to becoming successful in the world in preparation for greater

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