The Importance Of My Life

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I know when something life changing happens you normally remember exactly what happened and where you were when it did. For me its mostly all a blur.

It all started when my dad put my name into the lottery without telling me. We’d discussed it the year previous, and I’d know that he was pretty serious about putting my name in, he just didn’t tell me when it actually came time that he put my name in. I remember finding out that he put my name in a few months later. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it: A new school, new friends, the difficulty.

After that I tried thinking about it, I mean really thinking about it. I started weighing the options of going to UCAS or going to Westlake. The time came too quickly when the lottery
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I told Taylor first, because I was scared to tell Kaylee. Taylor surprisingly responded way better then I excepted. My strong headed stubborn Polynesian girl, looked at me with her golden brown eyes, and told me I should go - She told me to go. I couldn’t understand what just happened. Taylor was as stubborn as her curly hair- that refused to do what you wanted it to. Finally I had to face the inevitable. I had to talk to …show more content…
There where chairs every where and all the seats where filled. Filled with my future classmates. When someone stands up at the microphone and starts telling us about this program. All I remember being told was we had to decided by the end of the meeting- WHAT! I’d planned on fasting that weekend, and then making my decision. I-couldn’t-decide-in-an-hour! Now I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to do. Now when I looked around all I saw was unfamiliar faces. I couldn’t even concentrated for 5 minutes. Everything I’d been thinking for the last month had flew out of mind and I was sitting their without a thought in my mind besides. How-am-suppose-to-decide-in-an-hour. Before I knew it the meeting had ended and it was time to choose. Ucas or

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