The Importance Of My Life

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My Dad rolled the wheelchair that I was sitting in out the front doors of the hospital. I looked at my Mom and the look of relief on her face, as well as signs of sleepless nights and worry caused from the last week. My older brother walked next to my wheelchair and showed off a new action figure as if it was just another average day, excited to share new things with me. I never looked back at my Dad in that moment, but I like to think he looked at all of us with great relief, ready to go home. I may never know what was actually going through everyone’s minds in that moment, but I do know one thing, through this experience we all learned that life is unpredictable. Keenan and I were having a great day to ourselves at my house. It was Friday so school got out early and we were able to come home and indulge in snacks and television, and embrace the weekend. What better way to celebrate getting out of school when you are in first grade? My mother came home from work and asked us what our plans were for the rest of the day, and she was going to prepare dinner in a few hours. Keenan and I got our fill of snacks and decided we should ride our bikes to his house to tell his mother that he was going to stay for dinner. We …show more content…
Any small incident could have an immense effect on our lives and we have no idea where or when it will happen. My family took precautions to keep both my brother and I safe and somehow I was still able to get hurt. Thinking back to the moment when my mother told me to wear my helmet, she had no clue what was to come in the next ten minutes that she could have never predicted. These unpredictable situations bring us knowledge and experience for future situations in life, and even though I never looked back at my Dad’s face, I know he was relieved and happy that this unpredictable situation, turned out

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