The Importance Of My First Date

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First dates can lead into lifelong romance, everlasting friendships, or even marriage but can be misleading as well. My first date was my last date. From the time I arrived and was greeted at the restaurants door to meeting family members that I had no idea would be present. I knew that dating was not for me. Despite the amount of effort that was put into preparing my flawless appearance, arranging my vocabulary, and rehearsing to memorize every piece of advice that was offered to me from my family. I still felt a sense of misrepresentation realizing that I was misinformed and given the wrong impression about what to expect on a first date.

Going on a very first date was one of the biggest things to ever experience in my family. The entire
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The table that held a sign reserved for Robert Allen sat two guys at. The table I thought would be reserved for my date and I now seated a party of four. Now I’m confused, I took a quick glimpse over at Robert to capture his expression; his expression was identical to the one I was greeted with during my arrival. The happy grin that I thought then was for me, but later to find out it was from the company and humorous conversation that was left behind at the table. He then said “ Meet my cousins Ron and mike, You can also say happy birthday to Mike”. Now I’m really confused. Robert goes on to say, “Fellas this is the moment you’ve been waiting for” I was then introduced to the two guys at the table as his school friend Mariah. They both then spoke together in duo harmony, “Hello class sophisticated”. Keep in mind, my date and I planned the perfect time and location to share our first experience together for weeks, but he never once mentioned we would have guest. It immediately started to play back in my head, all the things my family told me about going on this first date with the guy of your dreams and how nice he would be, how pleasant the experience would be and how you would be planning your next date before the date you were currently on was over. Unfortunately all of those things were first date

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