The Importance Of Foreign Students

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National and foreign students with previously earned credits face many barriers in their attempt to continue studying a professional health carrier in the US. One of the bigger obstacles has been supported by the private’s nursing schools, which routinely reject academic credits transferred by these students, despite their high level of medical knowledge and skills, as well as ethnic and cultural diversity suited to meet the demands of the patients. Nursing career requirements in the US are somehow inconvenient for students with previous educational experience and international medical graduates.
Nursing colleges like other universities and carriers are primarily money oriented ignoring all the difficulties, the time and the cost implications of this decision for their future students. Many students use to transfer one or twice during their carrier. Their change schools change their city of residence, the state and even the country, like I did moving from Cuba to Costa Rica and from there to the US. I had to do a lot of paper work and a validation exam in Costa Rica but all my credits were accepted the problem started when I try to transfer all my credits to this country. I was really sad for me because I end up spending more money and time than I expected even for a lower degree career compared with my previous career and
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The RN, associate degree program in a private college with two years duration usually is the best option because the graduates of these programs can work in hospitals or nursing homes which allow them to earn enough money to help their families, even when they do not provide the advancement opportunities of a bachelor degree. Anyways, they usually obtain this bachelor program online latter on while they are already working as

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