The Importance Of Exam Exams

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For starters I wanted to say how much you did NOT benefit me to become a successful college student. Not one time in my four years of high school did I receive a class on how to successfully file my taxes, how to apply for post secondary education, how to effectively budget my money, and even how to successfully apply for a job? Despite all these things, there is also one crucial thing high school failed to teach, and that is how to study for an exam. Which leads me to the purpose of this letter.

Classroom exams are something that is such a waste of time, and an added stress for any student. Knowing that regardless of the circumstances, if an exam is failed one is labeled as being stupid, senseless, uneducated, and numerous other names. Why are exams something every student lives or dies by? What does an exam prove? I can answer that question in seven letters, NOTHING.
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That way that time wasted on studying for something that will serve no purpose in the “real world”, can be consumed with things that every working adult American will face at some point in his or her life. Taking an exam in a course does not cage a student’s knowledge of that subject or material. It displays the ability to cram the information into ones head long enough to write down on paper. Once the answers are written down on the exam, that knowledge of that task usually gets left on that exam. Exams are not the most effective way to determine a student’s understandability and retention of the course

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