Write An Essay On How To Be A Successful College Student

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For starters I wanted to say how much you did NOT benefit me to become a successful college student. Not one time in my four years of high school did I receive a class on how to successfully file my taxes, how to apply for post secondary education, how to effectively budget my money, and even how to successfully apply for a job? Despite all these things, there is also one crucial thing high school failed to teach, and that is how to study for an exam. Which leads me to the purpose of this letter.

Classroom exams are something that is such a waste of time, and an added stress for any student. Knowing that regardless of the circumstances, if an exam is failed one is labeled as being stupid, senseless, uneducated, and numerous other names. Why are exams something every student lives
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That football player might be able to do it, but it would not be as well as someone who is a professional hockey defensemen. This same analogy applies to a student in the classroom. I personally was a primary example of this. Sitting in French class my eight-grade year was horrible for me. I had no desirer to take the class, but I had no choice. As one knows at Sharon High School it was required to participate in at least two years of a foreign language. Though I had already taken a year of French, the most logical thing to do was to participate in a second year of French. I choice a language that had interested me, and that is why I participated in Chinese.

When I took this course it was significantly harder then French was. One would assume that I would fail the course because of the level of difficulty. It comes to find out since I had such a strong interest in the course, I received an A for the course which was two letters higher then the French course which was labeled as “easier” difficulty level. This same thing applies to me in a college aspect as

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