Become A Successful Student Essay

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Become a successful student is what most students want. There are many different way to be a successful student. During my time of education, I learn one thing that there is not a single way can make student success in very short period of time. It takes many steps to do so. In the article “Guidelines and Thoughts for Academic Success”, Larry Ludewig makes a list to tell people what successful student usually do. While I was reading it, I found out that there are many things I never did before. The three main characteristics of successful student that I want to try this semester are ask questions, have good time management, and have educational goals.
The first characteristic of a successful student that I want to take action to adopt in this semester is ask more question during the class. The reason why I want to ask question in class because I usually afraid to speak in front of people. I know that this is not going to help me to learn English. For instance, when I was in ENG 50, we spend a lot of time on
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In college life, most student most have a good education goals in order to become successful student and after graduation. I still not sure what I really want to be in the future. The problems that caused is I wasted many time on the classes that I am not interested. For example, Last semester, I start taking some classes about computer programming. After that, I didn’t feel this is what I want to do in the future, so I came to Norco College to study 3-D gaming design. I would have more time to take the classes I truly want it if I had decided my major earlier. Like what Ludewig says in the article, “Successful students have legitimate goals and are motivated by what they represent in terms of career aspirations and life 's desires.” In order to become successful in my college life, my mission in this semester is to plan well for the next

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