What The Best College Students Do Essay

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The best college students learn very quickly that the best thing that they can do is never give up, discover something new every day, work with the community as best as they can and show great respect for the learning community. They also learn that service to the community is essential and they do this by helping others and making them stronger learners. Although Bain’s book does a very good job of explaining all of these values, the one that stands out to me is that of discovery. Discovery stands out because in order to learn you must find/discover something new every day in order to be the best learner that you can be.
Stories that Exemplify Discovery In the book What the Best College Students Do, Bain shares many stories that show the idea of discovery. One
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One day I just didn’t want to do an assignment for the class. So I decide I was going to tell her that football practice went over the night before. After class she pulled me out in the hallway and said “Are you serious? I know you make that excuse to all of your teachers. I wasn’t born yesterday. What happens when football is no more, what excuse are you going to make then?” I just looked down at my feet because I knew she was right. At that point I started to discover what ASL had to offer. From that point on, I took more of an interest in school and what it had to offer.
During my senior year the motivation that I used to learn and discover came from my support educator that I had junior year. She once told me that I wouldn’t be able to go to college and I would be flipping hamburger patties at a fast food restaurant for the rest of my life. I was so hurt when she said that that I decided to discover new things in the class room in order to become a better learner. I became a leader, just not on the football field, but off of it, as well. I finally realized just how much potential I really have.

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