Goals To Go To College Essay

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As I sit in my English 3 class thinking of a topic I want to do I think of my goals and what I want to achieve in life, so I decide to do my goals. Having goals help you achieve what you want in life and since neither of my parents went to college I want to make them proud I am going to go to college not only for them but for myself too. My parents are always telling my siblings and I how much they want us to go to college since they never did and I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. I really want to go to college and make my parents proud of me. Going to college is what everybody should want to do, it helps you get the job you want, it could even help secure your future, and you can have a degree in whatever you want a degree …show more content…
To go to college is one my main goals in life I want to finish high school with great grades and a good GPA so I can get accepted into the college I want to go to I’m still not sure what college I want to go to SFA, or Panola, Panola would be closer to home so I wouldn’t have to spend extra money on a dorm or an apartment. But SFA is also a great choice, and sometimes after being in house with all my siblings the dorms sound perfect to me and I could probably study more better If I didn’t have them yelling down my ear all the time. I haven’t researched that much into it yet, but I plan on looking more into it and seeing if it’s the right college for me. I definitely want to go to college, but I’m also nervous about going, I’m nervous about being in a different environment I sit in class now knowing everybody, in the future I’ll be surround with a lot of people and probably won’t end up knowing but a few people I’m used to having a small classroom and not having very many people in the school. Hopefully when it comes time for college I won’t be as uncomfortable surrounded with a whole lot of people. Because I am usually nerves around a big …show more content…
Also having that certification may help me have a part time job while I am in college. Throughout the years, I had different job ideas for being a nurse or just being something in the medical field I thought about being a labor and delivery nurse, a physical therapist, a anesthesiologist, an RN, and even a surgeon. A RN applied more to because they provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. Moreover, a RN is paid more than the regular nurses are. Having a good job after college that will do good around your schedule can be hard to find. Especially if you apply to get one at a hospital, I have always heard from my aunt who used to be a nurse that they can have crazy hours. When I get older, I want to get a RN job at place where I love to work and a place where I can stay there for a while. RN job is a good job to have it can really help secure your future I want to be able to always support myself in anything I want to do. Once you have had many years of experience your salary rises up and you can be paid a lot of money hourly, and

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