Essay on The Importance Of Employee Motivation And Empowerment

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Upper management should give attention to the concepts of employee motivation and empowerment because they could lose the whole business if they don 't give it attention. The reasons are- employees who highly motivated and engaged as a participatory in every organizational goal are more productive, more focused on patient care and treatment, safer, loyal, positive organizational behavior, and contribute high profits. Although managers can influence employee, they do not have the power to enforce the action of the employee. Therefore, managers must create a work environment in which the employees are engaged, satisfied at their job, inspired and motivated (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012, pp. 40-46). Motivation is an employee 's intrinsic passion about and drives to accomplish activities related to work, it is an internal drive that causes an individual to decide to take action. An individual 's motivation is influenced by biological, intellectual, social and emotional factors. As such, motivation is a complex either driven by intrinsic force or influenced by external factors. Employee empowerment is the process of enabling an employee to think, behave, act, react and control their work in more autonomous ways, as to be in control of one’s own destiny. Effective employee empowerment not only has positive implications for employee satisfaction, but also many other organizational facets, such as member service and member retention (Heathfield, n.d). Hillcrest Memorial…

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