Argumentative Essay: Should Kids Work During High School?

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Should Kids Work During High School ?
Students in school should not have to have a job during high school. Even though society says that we should work, and even sometimes our parents say we need to, we don’t. It is proven kids who do not have a job do better in school due to having more time to study. As to while you’re at work, there is no time for you to study, or even do homework that may be due the next day.
According to statistics, 58% of seniors acknowledge that their jobs interfere with their school work. As stated above, it could be working long shifts that day, or just being so exhausted from the day before.There are not many places that will let an employee sit down and finish their school work,simply because it does not affect the management directly, just the student. Personally, I rarely ever have time out of school to study for my tests. I usually try to do my homework while i’m at school. It doesn’t have to be just McDonalds, or Wendy’s, it could be a restaurant like Bob Evans, Big boy or even Cracker Barrel. You can also work
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Some of these outcomes could be learning time management. For example, when working for McDonald 's, you have to be sure you get all the food out at the right times, and being sure it is a speedy stop for the customers going through the drive through.Are there social benefits from working at this job? Workers often get great social interaction , by talking to all the new customers and even talking to new employees.You could learn what responsibility really means in the real world.Whether ts learning responsibility from having to deal with money at your work, or if it’s just doing things without being told, or even just being independent.These can very easily be true,and I’m sure they are,but you can achieve these skills and experience by doing things outside of a work

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