Destruction In South Korea Research Paper

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Destruction; the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired. Destruction is overtaking the lives of innocent people by inhuman acts. The majority of people in today’s worldly society are suffering from laws that seize to exist. Their needs to be a change in the acts of gruesome people, and if I had a chance to create three rules, it would benefit everybody. I would stop pregnant women from smoking, unite North and South Korea and eliminate the brutal acts of ISIS. Pregnant women should not be allowed to smoke during their pregnancy. Precaution should be taken during a woman’s pregnancy, if not, the life of an unborn child could be taken. Whatever a women eats during pregnancy, so does her baby, so in that case when a potential mother smokes during pregnancy, so does her baby. The smoke from a cigarette releases harsh chemicals such as nicotine and it eats the placenta of the baby, which cuts of any oxygen or essential …show more content…
ISIS, also known as Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, Isis kills people on a daily basis and what for? A difference in religion, gender, and basically anything that is deemed “unholy.” ISIS captures woman and forces them to change their religion. Many are raped. The ISIS believers say it is not a sin to rape the girl if she is not a believer. Even if the girls and woman are released, it is ultimately impossible to talk about their painful experience. They are traumatized. ISIS should be punished for their crimes and inhumane acts. Videos of beheadings and executions have been posted, yet no one has really been able to put an end to ISIS. Other people may say “It’s part of their religion to do what they do.” Anything that has anything to do with murder regardless of religion should be punished. Putting an end to ISIS would benefit the families all over the Middle

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