Torturing Terrorists Is Wrong Essay

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In this paper, I will argue that torturing terrorists is the wrong thing to do.
First argument that I would discuss about is that torturing a terrorist is wrong because those who we torture may end up being innocent. Suppose you have captured a man who is torture to gain information and found guilty and thrown to jail for many years and later found out that he is innocent. That means that you have committed a crime. You can’t be so sure if a victim is guilty. You cannot assume that the victim has information without the proof. You can’t really take any action without the evidence otherwise the person you tortured might end up becoming innocent. You have already made this man’s life miserable. His life is taken away. His identity has been broken.
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You can’t really torture one innocent to find out the information so that you can save the others. Suppose the bomb is planned and you have custody of the man who planned it, who may know the information, but may not know the information. If he doesn’t talk, does that mean we can torture him to find out the information out of him? How much? For weeks or for months? What if he didn’t know about the plot? Is it really ok to increase up the level of torture. You can’t really decide to torture someone by running the numbers. If he doesn’t really know anything about the plot, but you keep torturing him so that he will speak up. That won’t work no matter what because increasing the level of torture won’t change the man’s mind or say yes he knows about the information. The answer will be the same. By torturing the innocents, you have committed a crime. By torturing the innocent people, you think we will get the information, but there are so many cases where innocent people have been hurt for nothing they did. Not every victim tells the truth, therefore torturing doesn’t really work. There is possibility that the information they have given is not right. Maybe you have captured the wrong person. There is no guarantee that the victim’s information is …show more content…
Torturing is the only option to gain information. Torturing one can save others. All that matter is greater happiness. Wouldn’t we have more happiness by saving others? What if the victim is found guilty? What if it is millions of lives and we’re 99% sure the person is guilty? Do we have to just let those people die? Wouldn’t we then be responsible for their deaths if we could have stopped it? Therefore it is ok to torture one to save others for greater good and also you gain information out of them, but I say it is not ok to torture a terrorist. What if the man is innocent? We can’t really make him how he used to be before because we have already ruined his life by making him a criminal. His identity has taken away. He is not treated like he used to. He can’t face the society even though later he was found innocent. Also we cannot assume that the victim might be guilty and start torturing until the death or until the victim speaks up. We have no guarantee that he is the one. We can’t be so sure that we got the right person. Torture doesn’t really work because we don’t know if the person is telling the truth. Torturing might get the information you want, but we might get false

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