How Do Drugs Affect Unborn Babies

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Fetal Alcohol research Every year thousands of infants are born exposed to drugs. Some of these babies are born addicted and some premature and some with organ, limb, facial deformities and some with brain damage. Even Small amount of alcohol or drug can put the baby’s health at risk. Drugs can also cause the baby to be born prematurely, have learning and behavior problems, have sleeping and, have speech and language delays. Even over the counter medicine can be dangerous. The number of babies born suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to their mothers’ use of prescription painkillers during pregnancy more than tripled between 2000 and 2009, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The …show more content…
In fact some of the break down products for example, cocaine are even more powerful in terms of their impact on the baby because its actually broken down differently inside the baby than in an adult and its more of a neurotoxin to the baby’s developing brain then cocaine is to an adult. Another important factor in the way drugs effect unborn baby is how far along they are in their development. There are varies stages in the growth of an unborn baby and each stage can be affected in different ways. Pregnancy is broken down into three periods called trimesters. Each of these trimesters is different yet equally important. In term of growth and development taking place in the baby all drugs can change or even stop this development for example in the first trimester there is rapid growth and development of the baby’s vital organs like the heart, lungs, liver, kidney as well as the brains and the spinal cord. As a matter of fact the brain and the spinal cord are the first systems that begin to develop even before the heart exposure to drugs like alcohol, crack, cocaine and heroin can interfere with this development. Brain damage caused by drugs can affect the child’s capacity to think, while spinal cord damage can affect the ability to walk. Malformation can …show more content…
The reason is smoking during pregnancy is associated with an increase chance of miscarriage and having a low birth weight baby. They are more likely to have some developmental problems later. Smoking marijuana can cause some of the same problems and more. Sometimes babies exposed to marijuana may be born with tremors. They can be unresponsive about what’s going on around them. Later on they might have learning disabilities. There is one drug that’s proven to actually cause mental retardation and abnormal shape of the face and body, one drug whose effects can be irreversible, this drug is legal and easy to get and its even advertised and its alcohol. It’s all around us it on TV, in the movies, wherever you look but it can be one of the most harmful substances to an unborn baby. Exposing a baby to alcohol before birth can cause condition known as fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS. Believe or not FAS is the number one preventative cause of mental retardation. A baby suffering from FAS can have an abnormally small head and an underdeveloped brain. In addition it’s a lot smother. The normal brain has lots of little curves and grooves and holes and bumps in it and all of those represent brain cells. In the brain of a fetal alcohol syndrome child what you see is a brain that is much smoother with few of those bumps and grooves which is a reflection of the fact

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