The Importance Of Computers In The Classroom

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Imagine it’s the year 1958, you are a teacher at post-secondary level. There are about 100 or so students in your class. What if you wanted to give them a work sheet full of problems to do or even a test? To do this, every test or work sheet would have to be written out by hand. Students and teachers alike have the invention of the photo copier in 1959 to thank for getting rid of this daunting task (Purdue University). A machine as simple as a photo copier or a project can help students and teachers. Those are both fast and efficiency was to get material out to students. This effects teachers buy giving them more time to learn new material and the lesson than hand copping assignments. Another amazing thought to realize is that at this time students are still using fingers and toes to add numbers. Purdue also states that the …show more content…
Students use personal devices to help take notes and keep up with class work. A popular device used in the classroom is the laptop. Students in the college level takes notes on their laptops to stay organized and to easily copy notes that are missed from other students and online. The concern is that laptops can be distracting or hinder learning. Martin Tallvid, Johan Lundin, Lars Svensson, and Berner Lindström, preformed a survey on one on one distractions with laptops in the classroom. They performed the study because there is an ever growing pressure on teachers to let students use laptops or don’t use laptops (Tallvid, Lundin, Svensson, Lindstorm 237).The study was structured around sanctioned and unsanctioned use in the classroom. In this study and many others involving laptop use it was a fifty-fifty split between distracted use and learning use. Also in these studies students are not advised on what to do with the student’s laptop. If students have use for the laptop in class or advised on helpful ways to use the laptop these number could change for the

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