The Importance Of Career Paths In The Medical Field

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There are many career paths a person can take in the medical field, but once you decide to specialize in a certain area of study, then the options for that field become greater. This is because you have made a choice that most people won’t make. Extending the traditional four (4) year degree program or returning to school at a later date to acquire a new skill set is a choice that many people dread doing. Whatever their reason maybe, in my opinion, it is not worth the outcome, but it is understandable. Family obligations, time restrictions, work duties for their current career and many more are just a few examples of why people can’t, won’t or don’t pursue more. Medical Billing and Coding is a path that I have looked at several times in the …show more content…
Kindergarten teachers are just as important as college professors. A person that decides to teach in this field is even more important. Being a Medical Billing and Coding instructor has some of the same components as a regular instructor. You must be educated in your subject of study, effectively be able to explain what you are teaching, and have creativity. You will also need to ensure that you are providing a better learning experience for the students. Grading papers, class assignments, tests, homework and projects are included in the daily functions of this role as well. As an instructor in this field, since it is a specialized field, experience in the work place is a major bonus. In fact, at least 5 years of actual work in this field is required by schools that provide this training. Being able to properly prepare lesson plans, explain & create a syllabus, record student progress and academic needs. Having knowledge of the healthcare procedures, policies, terminology and the systems that are used are a portion of the skill sets needed as well. The ability to effectively expound from the textbooks such as ICD-9/10 manuals, CPT books, HCPCS, Anatomy & Physiology and other lessons that will be on the certification test that is required to graduate successfully is also a mandatory skill set for a person in the teaching position. Medical Billing and Coding instructors can earn from $19.44 up to $25.83 in this positon. These figures are also determined by campus, location, and experience of the

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