The Importance Of Being A Peak Performer Essay

840 Words Aug 19th, 2016 4 Pages
In my opinion, what it means to be a peak performer is to be a real go- getter. Being a peak performer is taking on life as if it were a game that could be mastered and conquered. I have learned that there are many qualities of being a peak performer, and those qualities we must learn as humans to become a peak perform. Peak performers are lifelong learners that have developed the appropriate attitude to become successful in life (Bethel University, 2013). Peak performers are people who are confident in themselves and are not afraid to take risks. To be a peak performer one must think outside the box and be creative but also be methodical in their problem solving and decision making. The most important qualities that I took notice to where being positive and open minded to accepting things. Also I realized that patience is key, I must take life one day at a time and chip away at my goal of success.
Some of the tools that we can use to self-assess are facing the truth and seeing yourself objectively (Bethel University, 2013). Often times this is hard for some to realize about themselves, but that is the whole point of finding ourselves (Bethel University, 2013). In my personal life, I would apply these tactics to see how I act as a husband, student, and soon to be father. I will need to evaluate some of my goals that I have set for my family and ways that we will accomplish those goals. In my professional life I can use my self - assessment to evaluate my goals for my…

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