The Importance Of Pursuing A Career In Anthropology

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For discover your major day, on October 1, 2015, I was asked to select three majors of current interest and gather more information about them. After visiting all three booths, two being nursing and English with a concentration in Creative Writing that was declared previously at the beginning of the academic semester, and the other was a major in Anthropology. To successfully pursue a career in nursing you must first complete all degree requirements with a BSN (Bachelors of Science). Before graduating however, there must be twenty credit hours towards your degree, forty-one hours for your General Education courses, sixty-six for the actual majors and three hours of possible electives. All courses must be completed with a minimum “C” average. …show more content…
She explained how for a senior project all undergraduates have to complete a thesis of a correct understanding of anthropology. There are several career opportunities for this major such as fields in archaeology where you study humans from the past and the material culture they leave behind. Others are forensics, mass communication, business, and human social services. Although, the University of Memphis offers two degrees in Anthropology: a bachelor’s of arts in anthropology and a masters in anthropology. Recent graduates, half from the University of Memphis are either doing internships with companies or applying for jobs in that degree field. Once students are first hired into the job they are advised and after they are confident with their performance, they’re able to branch off by themselves. In this field, faculty isn’t associated however, the members work together for a common goal. The University does have an honors program with the approval of Department Chair, having an anthropology major, be in good junior academic standing and having completed successfully ANTH 1100 and 100 with a cumulative 3.0

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