Physician's Assistant Vs Registered Nurse Essay

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Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, headaches… nobody enjoys being sick. It is not something that humans can decide or control, it just happens. When sick, individuals often turn to medicine. However, when that doesn’t work it is time to call in a visit to the doctor. The problem is explained, the doctor makes a diagnosis, and, just like that, the patient is done. It is all so simple. Despite the ever seeming simplicity, it is in the background where the complex intertwining jobs are discovered which create and define “healthcare”. Two jobs that are very important are the jobs of a physician’s assistant and a registered nurse.
A physician’s assistant and a registered nurse are both jobs that require the individual to be in contact with patients,
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At one point they may be rushing around the emergency room floor while soon enough they could be traveling to a brand new location. These differences and similarities in job requirements allow for a more complete covering of patient healthcare essentials.
How does one achieve the status of physician’s assistant or registered nurse? In order to become either an education after high school is vital. Physician’s assistants must complete 2-4 base years of undergraduate science studies and go on to graduate with their master’s degree. However, in addition to their studies they must also complete countless hours of clinical training and pass a board certified exam that will provide them with a license. Once licensed, physician assistants must complete 100 hours of continued learning every ten years to ensure it. The educational requirements to become a registered nurse can vary but the least amount of college you must complete is 2 years and graduate with an associates degree or a diploma in nursing.
This being said, you also have every opportunity to further your education and obtain your bachelor’s or master’s degree. Quite similar to a physician’s assistant, to

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