Minute Man 3: Job Involvement

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One of the hardest parts about going to work every day is knowing that at the end of your shift the only thing you have effectively done has been sitting in a chair. A problem that plagues the ICBM force is that we perform a job 24 hours a day 365 days a year since the first Minute Man III was put in place without ever having to do our mission. Taking a step back, this is a great thing because if we were to ever carry out our mission there would be an unsurmountable number of casualties worldwide. Even though we all realize that it would be best that we do not carry out the mission, it leaves us with a sense of emptiness at the end of our day. With that I will analyze this problem by specifically looking at job involvement and …show more content…
This led to crewmember’s working 96 hours a week with only three days off a month at some points in time. However, just recently leadership began to fix this problem by compensating us in other ways, such as a bonus incentive pay. But as stated in Lesson 2’s Presentation on Individual Behavior in an Organization, while none of us were upset about receiving more money for doing the same job it did not make the job any more rewarding. According to a research conducted by Rhoades, Eisenberger and Armeli that an organization that created a better POS through active commitment decreased the amount of employee turnover (Rhoades, Eisenberger, & Armeli, 2001). I can attest to this because I have seen many of my colleagues reach their commitment in the Air Force and decide they would rather get out of the military than continue to stay in this career field. Good personal application
In my own interpretation of Isaiah 12:3 “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation” without out job satisfaction one will truly love their job. In the ICBM community there is a lack of job satisfaction because we have a low level of job involvement and a perceived level of

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