The Hershey Pies At Burger King Essay

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The slice if the pie in is about the Hershey pies at Burger King. its purposes is to try and make you buy the pie from them. The you can take it home and have wonder like you have never had before. I can not believe I did not eat this sooner I did not know what I was missing out on. Although the product started a while a go with Reese’s and Butterfingers but out lasted them and they have now brought back Reese’s, but for how long will it be back. Now of days the pie is only one of the many treats to have on burger kings list of tasty treats. You can now have cinnamon rolls, ice cram, shakes, and more. See they have to change it up e This new product by Burger King to make them more money. When it started it was great and know it still make a profit. Target audience for the product is people who love pie and eating fast food. This is for everyone but mostly overeaters or young kids that they do not know what they are putting in there bodies. They can have whatever they would like at Burger King The Home Of The Whopper. Burger King produces the product. They make hamburger and french fries as well as brownies. What’s unique about the industry, well they have 2 big rivals in Wendy 's with the square burgers and McDonalds with there shamrock shakes. That is some the kind stuff to be able to compete with the vary stiff composition that they have in the world of fast food business today. Who produces the product? It is Burger King the compony that makes the pie and it sells…

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