The For Customer Service Lacks Substance Essay

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Forrester Research found that “70% of CMO’s did not list retention as a top priority.”

But in order for your SaaS to stay profitable, it’s critical for your business to retain more customers.

Humans are creatures of habit. So, prove to your current customers that you’re worth the recurring subscription.

For customer retention to increase, focus your team’s efforts on improving the user’s experience, addressing customer service issues, and strengthening brand loyalty.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Create a strategy to override your current SaaS challenges.

Here are four inconvenient truths hindering your company’s growth and how to overcome them.

1. Your customer service lacks substance.
In today’s marketplace, the consumer has the power. They search the Internet to the find the best deals on blogs and social media channels.

And with so many competitors vying for their attention, consumers can take their business elsewhere if their needs aren’t met. So, if your customer service isn’t meeting their standards, expect them to unsubscribe today.

Experts report that “[i]t takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.” To take your service to the next level, find new and interesting ways to connect with your shoppers.


Also, remember that customer service includes everything from website functionality to sales interactions to help forums.

Serial entrepreneur Neil Patel suggests following up with every customer…

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