The Fear Of The Fears Essay

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I Believe in Facing Your Fears
I believe in facing your fears. I have always considered myself a fairly brave individual. I can hold a snake without flinching, climb to the tops of tall buildings, and sleep with the lights off after a scary movie. Yet, there was one thing that at the ripe young age of thirteen absolutely terrified me, and that was airplanes.
As a child I heard many horror stories of catastrophic plane hijackings and crashes. It scared me to think that so many things could go wrong. The weather could be bad, the plane could be damaged, or something awful might happen to the pilot. Thinking of these things would always make me come to the same conclusion, I would never ride on a plane.
For a while I managed to stay true to my word. Family trips were taken by car, I turned down many exciting opportunities involving travel, and missed out on many things, all to avoid that terrifying flying metal contraption. However, when my teacher announced that we would be able to attend a school trip to Washington, D.C. for spring break, I knew I was going to have to face my fear at last. All of my friends were going crazy talking about the trip. It was a chance to leave our small hometown and travel to an entirely different state, and on top of that with our friends instead of parents. For a thirteen year old it couldn’t get much better than that. There was only one problem, we had to fly there.
After weeks of back and forth, I eventually decided to sign up. I had not…

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