Personal Narrative Essay: Fear Of Flying

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Fear of Flying

As I walked through the terminal I feel the dread from buying the plane ticket loom on my shoulders. I wanted to turn back and run. My anxiety builds up as the line slowly creeps forwards to the beginning of the corridor. As I near, I see people getting on the plane. There is a space between the plane and the corridor. I look over the crack and I see the ground below the plane. I hear the engine roaring beneath me as I step into the opening of the plane.

I am greeted by a flight attendant with short bright red hair, and a wide fake smile that was so fake it was scary. She looked like she didn't want to be on the plane as much as I didn’t. She smiles that huge fake smile at me and says welcome like she really doesn’t mean
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I turn around and realize that there is a line so long that there is no way I could squeeze between all of them to get on. I take a deep breath and walk forward. I make it to a row of seats with the number fifteen on the top. I try to huff my luggage up in the space above my seat, but my hands lost grip of the handle. The guy behind me catched it and heaved it up over my head and placed the luggage in the cabinet. I turn around and realized this guy was a giant. I had to crane my neck up to look at him. He was quite a sight, hot with huge muscles bulging out of his t-shirt. I tell the giant thank you, feeling embarrassed for holding up the line. I sit in my assigned middle seat. The big giant then comes into my row and squeezes past me, sitting in the window seat beside me. Holy, I think this is great, I get to sit by a real hottie and make a fool out of …show more content…
I loved watching as the planes wheels took off from the ground and everything below got smaller and smaller. I find some gum at the bottom of my purse, and offer the guy with the bible and the giant some, both excepted. I lean back into my seat, the plane starts to rumble and wobble. I jump up and grab the hand rails on the side. The pilot comes on and tells us to buckle up due to turbulence. As I walk out of the terminal I feel a sense of accomplishment. That I made one of my most

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