The Eyes Of A Newbie : Successful Nurse Essay

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Through the eyes of a newbie: Successful Nurse
Nursing is a profession of caring for the individual, while the doctors are caring about the disease. Except for the fundamental knowledge base, qualities to be a successful nurse are not taught in school, some are innate and some are developed through experience and careful observation of the surroundings once you are practicing after finishing the nursing school. This is due to the fact that while you’re still in school many people, including myself, worry more about not failing courses and the clinical, than gather skills. What makes a nurse successful is the ability of making the best out of the interaction with the surrounding you people and picking up on their virtues. From a perspective of a “green” nurse, who is trying to figure out ways to survive in an intensive care unit setting caring for patients after an open heart surgery, there’s a bunch of qualities I observed in the individuals who worked here. Some of the qualities indispensable for a nurse to be successful are compassion, respect, ability to stay calm under pressure, experience, and a solid knowledge base. Compassion is one of the fundamental nursing qualities, it can be simulated, and it can’t be taught. One of the dangers of working in an environment of pain, loss, and prolonged illness is detachment. With time some nurses, after seeing the human suffering for a long time get dry and desensitized to human emotions as a defense…

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