English Setter Dog

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Since the old times, as early as 400 years ago, the Setter dog breed had been bred in England as a hunting dog. According to Dogtime.com, the English Setter was probably a cross breed between several hunting dogs which included the Pointer and the Spaniel. Back then, the Setter dog was aptly given its name due to its behavior of crouching low whenever it hunts birds so that its owner could then throw a net over its prey. But in the 19th century, Englishman Edward Laverack and Welshman R.L. Purcell Llewellin developed the modern day English Setter which could stand in the more traditional Pointer style.

Today, the English Setter is both a hunter and a family companion, loved by many families for its mild-mannered and sociable behavior. In fact,
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The bear which was unable to detect the group because of the recent rain became startled and attacked Parsi and his dogs. Pete was able to defend his owner while Parsi saved the four other dogs; however, the English Setter dog was badly injured and had to be put down later on due to his injuries.

Prior to his adoption by Parsi and his wife, Pete was a former hunting dog in Ohio and was living his life as a family dog after retiring from service. He was described by his owners as a happy-go-lucky dog who loved running around the woods and being the center of attention.

Just like most English Setter dogs, Pete inherited the sociable and easygoing behavior of this dog breed. The English Setter dog, also known as the moderate setter, is a gentler and more affectionate kind of Setter dog as compared to the boisterous Irish Setter and the snobbish Gordon Setter.

The English Setter dog, despite being a hunter, is considered to be a true family dog because of its love towards people. This dog breed is devoted to its family and is even good with kids. It can also remember faces and will greet a person as if he/she was/were its longtime friends. But because of its friendliness with humans, they are not considered as a good guard
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According to petwave.com, the English Setter is a good dog for those who love doing all kinds of activities. An English Setter could accompany you on your hikes, as well as your daily run, as this energetic dog loves to have a good run.

The English Setter dogs are also better for households with fences in their homes as it can be hard to train these dogs to stay in the yard. Sweet as they may be, the English Setter dog may be lacking in obedience.

When it comes to trainability, the English Setter dog may not ace the class as they can be very stubborn and have no natural tendency to please. But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t trainable at all. Petwave.com said that to be able to train an English Setter dog, owners should be patient and practice consistency with their dogs. They should also train their dogs gently as English Setters has incredible memories and any poor behavior towards them will be embedded in their memory.

However, English Setter dogs need more attention than most dogs. In fact, they can only tolerate being by themselves for a short period of time. If you are a jet-setter kind of person, or the kind of person who would most likely leave your dog alone for long periods of time, then the English Setter may not be for

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