Informative Essay On Pit Bull Terrier

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What comes to your mind when you think of the Pit Bull terrier? Many people think of everything that comes with their reputation, dog fighting, dog attacks, locking jaws and aggression. That is the side of the Pit Bull that many people think of, and for some people that is all they are willing to see in the breed. But that is not truly what the pit bull terrier is all about. They are so much more than what you hear in the news. Pit bulls are not deserving of their bad reputation considering their wonderful personality, they are a great pet to have around children, and they are targeted negatively by the media.
The Pit Bull is known by many names including American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Overall it is a medium size, but is very energetic and powerful (Villalobos Rescue Center, 2017). The pit bull was once considered America’s dog. They were prized pets and revered members of the ideal family. The breed was used as the mascot for the Buster Brown Shoe Company and a pit was chosen for the iconic role of Petey in The Little Rascals. After World War II their popularity began to decline and in the 1980s a new
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Pit bulls are fiercely loyal and protective, especially when it comes to children. They were even called the nanny dog for hundreds of years because they were trusted to protect and watch over children. One reason that they are so great with children is they are very tolerant and patient (Brown, 2016). They do not really mind being touched, or having their ears or paws tugged at by kids. They are even deemed the second most tolerable breed in America, meaning they are not very likely to snap at children like many other breeds will (Brown, 2016). It is because they are such great dogs to have around children, that they were once considered the ideal family pet, that is until their reputation was tarnished, mostly by the media (Mutts Matter Rescue,

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