The Email Interaction That I Am Using Is Between Myself And My Aunt?

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Context Description The email interaction that I am using is between myself and my aunt (Amy) on my mom’s side of the family. I am turning twenty during the time of this email conversation and my aunt is sending a congratulatory message. The emails span over a week in which my aunt also inquires into whether I have joined the cellphone application known as VIBER. VIBER is a Wi-Fi based communications application that allows users to communication through the Internet. What is important to note is that my aunt lives in Paris, France and communication through VIBER, which is cheaper and more convenient. This aunt in particular also tends to be closer compared to my other aunts and has a shrew attitude.
Dissecting discourse practices In the first email I received from my aunt, she congratulates me on turning twenty. She begins the email very informal saying, “Happy Birthday, Jean-Michel!” without any formal heading and just using my first name. My aunt then proceeds to identify that she is probably the first person to wish me a happy birthday going into great detail the time differences from Paris and Boulder saying, “It,a twenty to six on this Monday, January 13th here; that means its only twenty to 10pm or something like that in Boulder, on SUNDAY evening!!’. My aunt altercasts herself as credible by assessing she knows the time different, while still not being all that sure, as is evident in the last part of the sentence.
In the proceeding paragraph, which constitutes…

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