Catherine And Claire Character Analysis

My character, Catherine, was in a contradictory relationships with her now deceased father, Robert. She has given up her life to make him comfortable in his last days, but is bitter because she has missed many opportunities and in his shadow. Catherine’s relationship with her father’s old student, Harold Dobbs, is contradictory. At first the two characters are forced into be acquaintances but attraction is developed and they become confrontational partners. Although, Catherine has a much more complex relationship with her older sister, Claire. Catherine is very resentful to her older, more accomplished, sister Claire and accuses her for her missed opportunities. While on the other hand Claire blames Catherine for their father’s death because …show more content…
Both of the sister’s compete for their success in life. It seems that Catherine and Claire both compete to have power over the each other. Catherine being a caretaker for her father and having quiet success in mathematics. Claire’s success is in her accomplished college career and home life. However, there is a clear value of family between the two siblings. Although you can tell that the two sisters care for their father they do not seem to have compassion for each other, only a constant aggressive edge. Even simple everyday conversations appear to hold a passive aggressive tone.
While ready my play, “Proof,” it became quite obvious that my character, Catherine, has a deep subconscious fear of failure, Atychiphobia. This may be the sole reason why she does not strive for success. Catherine wants to come out of her famous father’s shadow, but does not attempt to because she is too afraid to fail. Due to this fear being subconscious and internal, Catherine blames her missed opportunities of success on those around her. Catherine is not aware that her lack of success is due to her fear of failure, so she blames her father and sister. This fear is also influenced externally,by societal
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Catherine wants Claire to acknowledge that she has been the better sister and overall daughter. Catherine wishes for her sister to admit that, out of both of them, she has put more work into taking care of their mentally unstable father, Robert. She thinks this is true by dropping out of college and sacrificing all of her future plans, including social and educational aspects. Catherine wants this because she has always been in a somewhat competitive based relationship with her sister. This acknowledge will give Catherine a sense of accomplishment. Catherine needs this because for the past few years, taking care of her father, she has not accomplished much. Her sister’s acknowledgement will give Catherine reassurance that she is still capable of using her intellect. Adding to that, Catherine will feel less responsible for her father’s death and more reassured that she did everything in her power to keep him alive and well. By proving that she took care of her father she is proving that she can take care of herself and be able to stay in Chicago. This will also give Claire a feeling of victory over her sister, who she feels has accomplished more than she

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