Narrative Essay About Moving To Ocala

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After a month I graduated in high-school, I moved from Leesburg to Ocala. To me, the city of Ocala is almost identical to the city of Leesburg. The only difference is the road. I have not traveled around the city that much since I came here. The only route I travel is the distance between my house and the college campus. In Ocala, I live with my sister, her husband, and my great-aunt.
When I lived in Leesburg, I was untidy that even I could not withstand the disorganization that I had shown. That was why I was afraid to move to live with my great-aunt, because I knew that she would be bothered with the lack of my organization. My great-aunt is a strict person. Since I was a little kid, I had heard about her harsh criticisms and stringent rules.
Even though her age is close to seventy, but she still works, works, and works. Not a single day I see her without working either in the garden, kitchen, or bathroom. When she works, I work too. She is physically strong for her age. A month ago, for three consecutive times, she carried 45-lb bags of dung from her car to the tree behind the house without expressing the exhaustion. I did the same thing, and my face was red and I could not even breathe properly. When she saw my weariness, she laughed and said that, “Baby Kha, can you tell me your secret why you 're so darn weak? You must want people to compare your physical
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Her words never compliments me on anything since the day I moved to the house. I asked her the reason, and her answer was simply the fact that I was not worthy enough to deserve even one compliment. But those criticisms does not make me hate her; in fact, they are the encouragement that pushes me back on the road of life. She teaches me a lot of things that she experienced, so I won 't go back on the same track. She tells me many stories (that mostly are exaggerated) that have moral lessons in which she expects me to learn from

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