The effects of Social Media on youth Essays

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Title: The effects of social networking on youth.

Online social networking has become extremely popular with youth and young adults. These self-expressive sites describes the lives and excitement of today’s youth. Social networking refers to activities that are carried out by specific online services that provide space and tools that allow the creativity of others to shine and express themselves. How are the youth effected if at all by social technology?

The effects of social networking sites on youth.

The effects of social networking on the youth of today is beyond many peoples imagination.
Teens today are known
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Youth also become addicted to social media. The average teen spends more than seven and a half hours per day consuming social media. That is outrageous! This includes watching TV, listening to music, surfing the web, social networking sites, and playing video games. In a recent poll 22% of teenagers log on to their favorite social media site more than 10 times a day and more than half of adolescents log on to a social media site more than once a day. 75% of teenagers now own cell phones, and 25% use them for social media and 54% use them for texting and 24% use them for instant messaging. Evidence has shown that interaction with technology produces the same neurochemical reaction- a burst of dopamine- that is found with alcohol, drugs, sex, and

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