Effects Of Violent Video Games And Aggressive Behavior

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The sources cited in this annotated bibliography are credible to gain more information on my topic of “Do violent video games cause aggressive behavior?” This has been a controversial topic, as officials were contemplating on banning violent video games or raising the age restriction so that children could not play these types of games. Many believe that children and young adults adopt the violent behaviors that are being displayed in media or video games, thus changing their behavioral pattern in a very negative way. Violent videos games tend to provoke violent behavior or aggression according to the data collected during experiments or studies. Statistical analysis also provides a better visual of the situation. But according to the …show more content…
The differences in behavior between long term and short term have not yet been identified or rather have been understood entirely. During a lab experiment, the results concluded that individuals who have a low VVE, tend to develop aggressive behavior after playing violent video games than playing nonviolent video games. Although another result from this experiment was that people who already had high VVE, had high levels of aggression regardless of the type of game they were playing. The source that is being explained above is useful to my research because it is in accordance with the topic that I have chosen. It relates to the topic in the sense of collecting data to determine if there is a correlation between aggressive behavior and violent video …show more content…
O. (2014). Video games do affect social outcomes a meta-analytic review of the effects of violent and prosocial video game play. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 0146167213520459.
The author of this articles says the debate of whether video games attribute to violent behavior in adolescents or not, has many that believe that this is true, while other believe it is not. According to the data, the author has collected the meta-analytical test of the idea, that the behavior and social effects depend on the type of video game or rather its content. During an experiment conducted using data from 98 different independent studies, with a total of 36, 965 participants; the data concluded that for both violent and prosocial video games, there was a significant amount association with social outcomes. Violent games tend to make people more aggressive or have aggressive related behaviors, while as the prosocial games tend to have the opposite effect. This source provides me with information regarding my topic of choice, such it gives a statistical analysis, through an experiment conducted and data collected with actual

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