Violent Video Games: The Effects Of Video Game Violence On Aggression In Children

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Topic: The effects of video game violence on aggression in children.


As a child grows into middle childhood they are more exposed to the influences of their peers and . Video Games begin to become prevalent as the middle years as they are surrounded by technology and the influence of their peers. Although some video games can be very education, violent video games can create a detrimental impact to the social growth of a child. Violent video games typically promotes violent behaviour,such as hitting or killing, foul language, and obscene gestures. Studies show that children who play violent video games can influence problems such as developing aggressive behaviour,
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A review by the task force of the American Psychology Association on violent media determines that violent video games do have an effect on a child’s aggression.The research demonstrates a consistent relation between violent video game use and increases in aggressive behaviour, aggressive cognition, aggressive affect and decrease in prosocial behaviour, empathy and sensitivity to aggression (Applebaum et al., 2015, p.11). The influence of violent video games towards aggression is an important developmental issue as it creates a lasting impact on a child’s socio-emotional development. The Social learning theory can explain how the aggressive behaviour depicted in video games can influence the increased aggression in children. The theory states that learning is a cognitive process that takes place in social context and that learning occurs through observation and imitation( textbook, ,p. 18 ). Laboratory experiments have generally found a significant impact of exposure to violent video games use on aggressive outcomes (American Psychological Association, 2015, p. ). This illustrates how video games can create a negative long-lasting impact to a child’s …show more content…
These studies illustrate that media and video game violence increase the likelihood of hostile thoughts and emotions, and of verbally, physically, and relationally aggressive behaviour (textbook, Chapter 10, p. 382). The effect of violent video games is manifested both as an increase in negative outcomes such as aggressive behaviour, cognitions, and affectm and as decrease in positive outcomes such as prosocial behavior, empathy and sensitivity to aggression (Applebaum et. al, 2015, p.16).The key issue in the articles which is whether video games do influence aggression in children is proven by the articles mentioned above. Further studies should focus on the different impact of video game violence towards boys and girls, and at what age are children more easily influenced into aggressive behaviours. Research should also be done to find the cognitive benefits of these types of video games. These findings can be applied practically by having parents checking that their children are playing age appropriate games. Furthermore, violent games should have a child friendlier mode for the children who still want to play these games. Stores should also have a stricter rule when buying games with violent themes and content. Although the ESRB rating system lets the consumer know what age rating a game may contain, the games

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