Controversy About Video Games

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Many instances throughout the timeline of video games, there have been many cases and controversies over video games. There are also many games throughout the history of video games that have been brought up in studies and on the news questioning the content and what harm it could do to many minors and adults. I will hope to look at these studies and come up with the facts that may be wrong or exaggerated and hope to be a non-biased opinions; giving facts and opinions from all sides and hope to come up with a solution to a problem that may or may not exist. I also hope to both the positive effects of violent video games along with the negatives if any factual evidence. Ever since the first video games came out there have been controversy about …show more content…
Now there have been studies on the effects of violent video games and what they can do to young boys and girls. These studies include the such studies like the one that took place at Brock University. When looking at these studies you have to be careful on what you read because some studies are exaggerated and/or biased. After looking through these reports I have seen some correlation between minors reacting differently to circumstances, depending whether they played violent video games or not. The kids exposed to the violent video games tend to act with more aggression to people and their possessions. There are certain theories on why this is. One theory is that because kids are growing up, they see the people in video games as role models; someone to look up to. This theory was proposed by one study. This is what Marije Bijvank, Brad Bushman, and Elly Konijn said about in their study, “Children today are looking for heroes or role models to look up to, in the real world and increasingly in the mediated worlds. Adolescents are especially likely to look for role models to identify with because they are in the process of developing their own identities. Adolescence is a time to experiment with different roles. Media figures …show more content…
Many parents think that just surveillancing their child will do the trick, and it can help immensely and I suggest you do it to a certain extent, but it can cause the child feeling that the parents do not trust them and will greatly annoy them. There has to be trust in the relationship which includes the child not feeling mistrusted. The monumental thing that will help is to talk to your child or parent about video games. They do not even need to play or know the mechanics of the game, but what it is generally about. You don’t know how cool it would be to children that play video games to have a parent that can talk to them about it. You should make video games an experience to connect with children. This will make them feel like they won’t have to hide it from you and will make them more

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