The Effect Of Listening On Music On Mental Health Essay example

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It has been generally accepted that listening to music can improve mental health as it has the ability to divert us from stress by promoting positive state of mind (MacDonald & Wilson, 2014). In the society we currently live in, the self-awareness of most people is diminishing progressively since individuals are often overwhelmed with works and other activities, reducing the time spent for themselves. We often fail to realize that time for ourselves is essential since it would reboot our brain, improve concentration, and increase productivity, leading to an improved mental health (Schafer, 2016). The way we can interact with ourselves can be achieved with music listening (Chen et al., 2016). Thus, the intended purpose of this chosen playlist is to provide motivation and optimism so that individuals can start each day with a fresh and positive energy. These sense of empowerment could be delivered by music in a way it can be a source of self-enhancement. Self-enhancement can be described as the process of each individuals in presenting their self-worth and self-esteem (Elvers, 2016). Furthermore, music has been shown to have an important role in shaping identity and interpersonal perception, as it has the ability to improve overall thinking ability and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed (Chen et al., 2016).
The playlist I designed is more suitable and beneficial for individuals with lack of drive and enthusiasm since this set of music is expected to bring positive…

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