Essay The Current State Of Customer Service

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The Current State of Customer Service in the U.S.
Today, consumers are the bosses. Since its inception, globalization and the rise of the internet has drastically changed industry landscapes by shifting power from corporations, small and middle sized companies to consumers. So strong that it has been consumer sentiments that some companies have realized declining bottom lines as a result of poor customer service. The shift in power from American companies to consumers has further made it difficult for companies and small enterprises to realize long term sustainability through traditional approaches that mainly rely on pricing regimes. Customer service is the only remaining option for enterprises that has been found to be instrumental in ensuring a company’s long term sustainability and positive bottom lines. Based on the research of various industries in the United States, it is clear that globalization and the rise of the internet have put customer service at the core of organizational sustainability thus, making customer experience the most vital aspect of organizational strategy. As a result, customer service in the United States has improved significantly across all the industries further proving that in modern businesses, customers call the shots.
According to Seidenberg, (2011) customer services refer to personal and engaging experiences that companies use to develop relationships with their respective clients. Even though customer service may vary from one industry to…

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