The Controversial Theory Of Gun Control Essay

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The controversial theory that a control of guns should be enforced is a major factor in today’s society because of the world having tons of gun violence every day. This theory has been enforced with many factors from the words of people to articles in newspapers and even on the television with all the shooting that have killed people all over the world. With this being true, the need for more gun control is probably necessary although many arguments don’t think so.
An analysis of the concerns surrounding the opposition to more or fewer gun rights for the people of America reveal that there are controversial sides that could give excellent arguments towards both sides of the topic. “Gun Control” gives many arguments on how gun control is a good thing for this country and also why it is a bad thing. Also, gives arguments for and against the topic gun control which helps make this paper more neutral than biased on either side of the arguments. One of the sources by Dustin Murphy “"4 Major Problems with Gun Control Arguments” gives an opinion that supports the fight against gun control and how the economy should try and tackle the problem with gun control. To counter Murphy’s argument against gun control rights Morris’ “10 Arguments for Gun Control” states that this country doesn’t need more regulation with guns considering that it could possibly make things even worse due to rebellions.
First, from, a study shows a pro…

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