The Controversial Argument Concerning Gun Control Essay example

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The controversial argument concerning gun control has become a nationwide issue in the United States due to numerous amounts of shootings and incidents that have inflicted activist to finally step up in 2012 for and against gun control. Many believe gun control has pulled the nation apart and that’s exactly what it has done. Activist for gun control have fought to disband citizens’ rights to have arms, to try and lessen the amounts of shootings and protect the nation. While others, who refute gun control activists’ views, believe this will only infuriate criminals and that it is also taking away the rights of citizens and the right to bear arms. Gun control is a cover up where people have become scared and they believe that the best way to end this problem is to take away the source of the problem, the guns. In fact though the real issue is the person behind the gun, if one really wanted to they could easily find guns whether it be through smuggling, stealing, or even not giving up their guns. No matter the case guns will never be out of reach for criminals, and with gun control in place many believe that their rights are being denied, and now they have no chance in defending themselves in a case of emergency. With our founding fathers setting the building blocks of our nation in 1776, many believe that the rights guaranteed to us during that time are now being taken away as if it is as easy taking it away as it was giving it. The second amendment states "A well…

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