Essay about The Conservation Of Resources Theory

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The Conservation of Resources Theory covers both work and non-work environment experiences. This is an imaginary path people follow in order to have access to resources that are available, absorbing the full effect of the resources and having a way to protect those resources that are available. Unfortunately, the work environment has begun to minimize our ability to take advantage of these resources. These resources include objects, conditions, personal resolution and energies. This is because when in a work setting resources are limited and often forgotten about. This is due to the amount of stress one may be feeling at work. Recovery plays an important role when work demands are eliminated. When these demands are eliminated a person no longer has the ability to take access resources that help them improve. My focus in this paper is the method of non-work recovery and how experiences play a role. There are four experiences that play a factor: relaxation, psychological detachment, mastery and control. My journal entries include an example of each experience method in my own personal order and all have a focus on time management. Mastery was the beginning of my experiences since it is used when you learn a difficult task and develop skills and strategies that have the opportunity to improve the way you are learning.
Journal 9, October 27. “It’s almost strange to me how statistics is becoming more challenging for the information I already know because before I was really…

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